What are the rental options?

Depending on which property you buy there are several rental options. One option is using a large professionally managed tour operator who will efficiently handle all your rentals when you are not using your property. Alternatively you can rent your property yourself with the help of a local tour operator or perhaps even make your own website to advertise your property. Rental companies typically charge between 20% and 25% commission for their services. Whichever option you choose a dedicated management company can deal with the hand over of keys for your guests and the laundering and cleaning of your property when guests have departed. If you are looking for a ski chalet or apartment with investment in mind and the security of a guaranteed income, we have handpicked some great investment properties for you. Rates are usually guaranteed for a three-year period on a rolling contract which is index-inked offering you piece of mind especially when combined with a fixed-rate. If you are looking for a hands-free investment, then we would recommend a fully managed rental service. This is where the developer teams-up with a large tour operator who efficiently handle all your rentals when you are not using your property and then pay you a regular income. As an owner you simply book your forthcoming winter and summer dates in advance and the tour operator will do the rest. Many fully managed chalets and apartments for sale also offer extensive additional facilities including restaurants, spas and swimming pools. If you want to maximise the personal use of your property and are looking for complete flexibility, then a property with a flexible rental option is perfect. In this way you can either rent your property through a local tour operator, or rent privately. If you chose a tour operator, they will advertise your property, manage your online bookings, meet and greet your guests, and deal with the laundering and cleaning of your property when your guests have departed. If you chose to rent privately, you can make your own web site to advertise your property, or advertise on a holiday rental portal, of you can rent privately to friends and family. Second Home Status - If you prefer not to rent your property, we are able to offer a small selection of properties that have a rare “second home” permission, which means you have no obligation to rent.

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