What are the purchase costs?

What are the purchase costs in Austria?

Purchase costs for buying a property in Austria work out about 6.6% of the gross purchase price. You will be required to pay the notary fees after the contract of sale has been signed. Fees are calculated as follows:

  • Purchase Tax ‘Stamp Duty’ – 3.5% of the gross price
  • Registration in the Land Registry – 1.1% of gross price
  • Notary’s fees – between 1.5 and 2% of gross price
  • Court costs, administration fees – approx. 150 euros


No buyers fees!
Alpine Marketing does not charge any fees to the buyer. Buyer’s fees can be as much 3% + VAT, so there is an instant saving when you buy through us. We are completely independent sales agents who only work with top developers in the Austrian Alps. We do not develop any property ourselves so we can offer unbiased, independent advice.

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