Do I have to rent my property?

Do I have to rent my Austrian ski property?

Most holiday homes in Austria are obliged to be rented when their owners are not using them. This is because the tourism industry forms an important part of Austria’s economy accounting for over 15% of its GDP. It is because of this important tourism industry that the Austrian government does not want owners to leave their chalets or apartments empty for large parts of the year.

Owners who do not live permanently in the mountains are encouraged to make sure that their property is regularly visited by holidaymakers as it is important for the infrastructure of the villages to have a good flow of tourism. The advantage to owners is that they can benefit from their property earning an income for them; and there can also be some great tax advantages to purchasing in this way.

Prefer not to rent?
If you prefer not to rent your property, we are able to offer a small selection of properties that have a rare “second home” permission, which means you have no obligation to rent.If you are you looking for a second-home status property click here to take a look.

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