Who can buy in Austria?

Who can buy property in Austria?

Austria has been a member of the EU since 1995. Although EU-citizens are allowed to buy and live permanently in any house they wish in Austria, these rules do not apply when it comes to buying a holiday home. Austria is divided into nine self-governing Federal Provinces and each of these Provinces has their own rules when it comes to buying a holiday home:


If you are an EU citizen you can buy a holiday property in any of Austria’s nine Provinces and the process is very straightforward. If you own an EU company it is also possible to buy in the company’s name.

Non EU-Citizens:

If you are a non-EU Citizen then there are restrictions on what you can buy in Austria. It is only possible to buy a property with a ‘second home’ status in the Tyrol Province, Salzburg Province or the Vorarlberg Province. It is however possible to buy in some of the other provinces.

EU Companies:
Alternatively, you can buy a property in the name of an EU company. If you are the owner of an EU company then it is possible to buy anywhere in Austria.

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