The Krampus – Santa’s Little Helpers

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GET READY FOR The Krampus Run!

While St. Nicholas goes from house to house bringing presents to children who have been good over the year, the Krampus carry birch rods and large cow bells and are said to beat (and sometimes even eat) the naughty ones.

A historic Tradition

The parade is an old tradition in the Bavarian and Austrian Alpine region. Every year around December 5 the terrifying Krampus is guided through the streets by St. Nicholas who rings his bell to drive off evil spirits. Some of the monsters even perform rituals in order to ‘disperse the ghosts of winter’ which involves dancing around a fire however, these scary Alpine characters still follow every one of St. Nicholas’ commands – despite their taste for chaos.

The Krampus is celebrated all over Europe but mainly in its Alpine countries, including Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. It’s a tradition which dates back 500 years, it is even recorded as early as the 16th century! Still today their elaborate costumes are made of sheep and goat skins and their masks are expertly handcrafted.


A Returning Trend

In the last few years, the Krampus tradition has experienced somewhat of a Renaissance. Now the Krampus monsters roam the streets without St. Nicholas at events in both November and December – just another exciting excuse to buy a ski property in Austria this Christmas!

Watch the video here! 

Emma Rice