Dom Parson Wins first Medal for GB

Dom parson wins bronze in Skeleton
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Brit Dom Parson Wins Bronze…

Yesterday Dom Parson was the first British sportsperson to win a medal at this year’s South Korea Olympic games. The 30 year old Londoner was relatively unknown before his historic performance in yesterday’s Skeleton race. Whilst this was his 2nd Olympic games, general expectations for him coming away with a medal were low – however, this year the odds were in his favour thanks to his high-tech kit, reported to be leading the way in aerodynamic technology.

Making History

Dom Parson didn’t just collect the first gold medal for Britain in Pyeongchang, he is also the first sportsman from the UK to win the men’s Skeleton in 70 years. The title was taken from John Crammond who last won a Skeleton medal for the UK in 1948. The Skeleton race is famous for being one of the most terrifying in the Winter Olympics; competitors must hurl themselves headfirst down an ice track on a small sled whilst manoeuvring round sharp corners at record speed. It is one of the oldest winter sports, origins of which can be found in 16th-century literature.

“It Hasn’t really sunk in yet”

Four years ago Parson finished 10th in Sochi and therefore was not a main British contender before the Games. Despite low expectations however, the sportsman delivered his quickest time in the competition so far – 50.33 seconds. Speaking to the BBC, Parson emotionally said ‘”It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I thought I’d lost it after that fourth run’. It therefore seems that Parson surprised himself as much as the watching world yesterday, but we are mighty please that he did, and hope that this sets the standard for his fellow competing Britons at this year’s games. Come on UK!

…And Austria?

So far in this games, Austria has walked away with 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 4 bronze. It’s been a good week for David Gleirscher as he claimed Austria’s first gold in the men’s Luge in 50 years. Whilst, others haven’t been so lucky (Austrian snowboarder Markus Schairer broke his neck after a frightening fall), the real champion of the week has been Austria’s Matthias Mayer, winning the men’s super G ski race; breaking Norway’s dominance in the sport since 2002.

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