Candide Thovex’s Miracle Dry Land Skiing

Desert skiing Candide Thovex
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Candide Thovex stuns the internet…

This week the internationally renowned skier Candide Thovex stunned the internet with a miracle freeriding video. The 35 year old French skier teamed up with Audi to create a jaw-dropping video, in which he graces over the most unlikely terrains on a pair of AudiQ7 skis. #Allconditionsareperfectconditions.

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No easy ride

In the video, Candide Thovex travels over grass, sand and even water with more ease than most could manage on snow. According to Audi, the film crew battled blistering heat in the jungle, choppy international seas and a live volcano for the video, whilst Thovex had these challenges and more whilst dressed in a full ski suit. Candide Thovex is internationally renowned for his free-riding ability and rose to fame after he took away gold at the Swatch Free-riding World Tour in 2010.

Fieberbrunn hosts the World Tour

This year the event is taking place in Fieberbrunn, Austria. Internationally renowned for its ideal snow conditions, on March 9th Fieberbrunn will host the 11th edition of the Freewide World Tour (FWT), 10 years after the competition began in 2008. The world’s finest Freeride skiers will gather in the Kitzbüheler Alps for the fourth stage of the worldwide competition. The stage is particularly important for both athletes and fans as it is here that the final qualifying competitors are decided. To find out about more ski sport events that are taking place in Austria this year, download our free ‘What’s Cool in the Alps’ guide here. See our ski property for sale in Fieberbrunn here.