Buying a Ski Property: Everything You Need To Know

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Your Guide to Buying a Ski Property in Austria

Buying a ski property in Austria is an exciting step. A place for the family to enjoy, or for investment, purchasing property in Austria doesn’t need to be complicated. Here at Alpine Marketing we prioritise making the process as easy as possible. From the moment that you choose your dream chalet all the way through to the handing over of keys, we ensure that your journey is as easy as possible.


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Here’s everything that you need to know…

Why Austria?

Austria is a gateway between east and west Europe. It borders Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic,  Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. The country is divided into nine Federal Provinces and benefits from a diverse landscape ranging from the Eastern Alps to the Bohemian Massif. Because of its ideal location Austria makes a great base from which to explore the whole of Europe.


For many, Austria has the perfect climate; warm summer days with temperatures around 25ºc to 35ºc. It also has sunny, chilly winters that hover around 0ºc. Therefore, the mountains are snow-covered in winter but warm and green in summer. Our ski property for sale in Austria is located in the provinces of Salzburg, Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg – have a look and see where lies your dream ski property!



Buying a ski property in austria


What Our Buyers’ Say…

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