Austrian Chalet

Austrian Ski Property mortgages – Discover how much you can borrow and what costs are involved when buying a ski apartment or chalet

Austrian ski property mortgages

how much can i borrow?

If you are interested in purchasing with a mortgage it is possible to borrow up to 60% of the purchase price from an Austrian Bank. Banks will not lend across boarders, so if you want to buy with a mortgage in Austria then you will need to take a loan through an Austrian bank. Variable interest rates are around 2%, and it is also possible to take fixed rate mortgages from 1 to 10 years. We can recommend banks in all of the ski resorts we sell in as we have contacts throughout Austria.

Will they lend to me?

Banks are happy to lend so long as you are buying a property and renting it for touristic use – either flexible rental property, fully managed rental property, or property with a guaranteed rental return. In this case your property would be classified like a ‘small business’ and the income you earn from your rentals may be used to cover the loan.

Tax advantages

There may be tax advantages to taking a mortgage to buy your ski property. If you rent your property it is possible to offset the interest on your mortgage payments against any profits you may make on your rental income, therefore reducing your tax liability – you can also offset up to 10% of the costs of your furniture as depreciation against your rental income. Additionally, as your rental income will be in euros you do not have any currency exposure if you intend paying your mortgage from rental income.

what are the costs for taking an Austrian mortgage?

Banks will usually charge a set-up fee and this is usually around 2% of the value of the loan. They will also charge an appraisal fee of 0.5% and you will need to pay the notary a fee of 1.5% of the amount of the mortgage to register the mortgage lender in the land registry.

other financing possibilities

There may be other options available to you to finance buying a ski property in Austria. An alternative option is to borrow against an existing property in your own country of residence and to make a purchase as a cash buyer.

international transfers

When you are buying a ski property in Austria and making international money transfers, fluctuating exchange rates can make a huge difference to the final amount you receive in your bank account. 

We work closely with a leading currency exchange expert for all of our clients money transfers, international payments & foreign exchange dealing’s. Our contacts here provide the quickest and easiest way to transfer money internationally and consistently provide bank-beating exchange rates to help both companies and private individuals achieve significant savings. To find out more please visit our international money transfers page.

other considerations when buying a ski property in Austria


Purchase costs for buying a property in Austria work out about 6.6% of the gross purchase price. The purchaser will be required to pay the notary fees after the contract of sale has been signed.

Fees are calculated as follows:

  • Purchase Tax ‘Stamp Duty’ – 3.5% of the gross purchase price
  • Registration in the Land Registry – 1.1% of gross purchase price
  • Notary’s fees – between 1.5 and 2% of gross purchase price
  • Court costs, administration fees – approx. 150 euros
    To find out more about buying in Austria and purchase costs please visit our buyers guide page.

Although the cost of the furniture collections are included in many of the properties we sell, for mortgage purposes this cost must be deducted as banks will not lend on furniture. As an example, furniture collections for a 2-bedroom property would usually range somewhere between €20,000 to €40,000 net.